Endorsements Announced





President and Vice President  

Barack Obama & Joe Biden #1

Representative, 9th District
Janice Schakowsky #11

State Senator
John J. Cullerton (6th District) #21
Heather A. Steans (7th District) #21
Ira I. Silverstein (8th District) #21
Daniel Biss (9th District) #21
John G. Mulroe (10th District) #21
David Page (27th District) #21
Dan Kotowski (28th District) #21
Julie Morrison (29th District) #21

State Representative
Sara Feigenholtz (12th District) #31
Greg Harris (13th District) #31
Kelly Cassidy (14th District) #31
John D'Amico (15th District) #31
Lou Lang (16th District) #31
Laura Fine (17th District) #31
Robyn Gabel (18th District) #31
Curt Renz (53rd District) #31

Rich Rudd (54th District) #31 

Marty Moylan (55th District) #31 

Elaine Nekritz (57th District) #31 


Commissioner, Metropolitan Water Reclaimation District (MWRD) Vote for Three Candidates 

Debra Shore #41
Kari Steele #42
Patrick Daley Thompson #43

State's Attorney, Cook County
Anita Alvarez #51

Clerk of the Circuit Court, Cook County
Dorothy Brown #53

 Recorder, Cook County
Karen Yarbrough #55

Commissioner, Board of Review
Casey Griffin (1st District) #61
Michael Cabonargi (2nd District) #61

Judge, Illinois Supreme Court
Mary Theis #71

Judge, Illinois Appellate Court,
Mathias Delort #73
Nathaniel Howse #74
P. Neville #75
Jesse Reyes #76
Maureen Connors #77
Terrence Lavin #78
Karen O'Malley #79
Jean Prendergast Rooney #80
Erica Reddick #81

Judge, Cook County Judicial Circuit
Russell Hartigan #82
Cynthia Ramirez #83
Diann Marsalek #84
Lorna Propes #85
Jessica O'Brien #86
Pamela Leeming #87
Michael Tully Mullen #88
Elizabeth Hayes #89

Judge, 9th Subcircuit
Lionel Jean-Baptiste #91

Judge, 9th Subcircuit
Larry Axelrood #92

Judge, 12th Subcircuit
Andrea M. Schleifer #91

In addition to candidates for public office, voters will be asked to vote on several referenda and the retention of judges. 



Proposed Amendment to the Illinois Constitution

The proposed amendment would require a three-fifths majority vote of the Illinois General Assembly, or the governing body of a unit of local government, school district or pension or retirement system, in order to increase a benefit under any public pension or retirement system.


Vote NO


City of Chicago Voters Only

Binding Referendum

"Shall the City of Chicago have the authority to arrange for the supply of electricity for its residents and small commercial retail customers who have not opted out of such program?"

Vote YES

Advisory Referenda

"Should the State of Illinois provide funding for the normal cost of pensions for Chicago teachers in the same manner as the State pays for the normal cost of teacher pensions in every other school district in the state which fill free up local funding that can be invested in the classroom?"

Vote YES


"Shall the U.S. Congress pass a bill, to be duly ratified by three-fourths of the states, adopting an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, empowering the federal government and the states to regulate and limit political contributions from corporations?"

Vote YES




Judges are elected for a specific term.  Once that term expires, judges must run for retention in order to retain their positions. This November, 57 judges are running for retention. Retention elections are non-partisan; existing judges do not campaign with the affiliation of either the Democratic or Republican Party. 


The following judges were found unqualified by an overwhelming number of bar associations.  We recommend that you vote NO on their retention:


 Click here to review Judicial Evaluations


Vote NO on the following candidates: 

Cynthia Brim  (232)

Christopher Donnelly  ( 238)

James D. Egan  (240)

Pamela E. Hill-Veal  (282)

Gloria Chevere  (292