Sample Ballot 2016

March 2016 Endorsed Candidates

Endorsed Candidates President of the United States (1) Hillary Clinton United States Senator (22) Tammy Duckworth Comptroller (31) Susana Mendoza U.S. Representative, 9th District (41) Janice D. Schakowsky State Senator, 7th District (111) Heather A. Steans State Representative, 14th District (121) Kelly M. Cassidy Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Full 6-Year Term (You may vote for up to 3) (132) Barbara McGowan (133) Mariyana T. Spyropoulos (134) Josina Morita Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Unexpired 2-Year Term (142) Tom Greenhaw State's Attorney (151) Kim Foxx Clerk of the Circuit Court (163) Michelle Harris Recorder of Deeds (171) Karen A. Yarbrough Board of Review, 2nd District (181) Michael Cabonargi Judge of the Appellate Court (191) Eileen O'Neill Burke (Vacancy of Epstein) (192) Bertina E. Lampkin (Vacancy of Quinn) Judge of the Circuit Court (201) John Fitzgerald Lyke, Jr. (Vacancy of Biebel, Jr.) (203) Rossana Patricia Fernandez (Vacancy of Elrod) (205) Alison C. Conlon (Vacancy of Hogan) (206) Aleksandra "Alex" Gillespie (Vacancy of Howlett, Jr.) (209) Sean S. Chaudhuri (Vacancy of Johnson) (217) Devlin J. Schoop (Vacancy of Karnezis) (219) Brendan A. O'Brien (Vacancy of Love) (220) Maureen O'Donoghue Hannon (Vacancy of O'Brien) (221) Pat Heneghan (Vacancy of Palmer) (227) Daniel Patrick Duffy (Vacancy of Ruscitti Grussel) (231) Fredrick H. Bates (Vacancy of Walsh) Judge, 9th Subcircuit (242) Jerry Esrig (Vacancy of Berman) Committeeman, 48th Ward (251) Carol Ronen

48th Ward Dems power Hillary Clinton volunteer efforts in Illinois – and beyond

A group of loyal volunteers have been working the 48th Ward phone bank six days a week, calling likely voters and recruiting potential volunteers to urge them to support Hillary Clinton’s historic presidential campaign.

As the campaign has shifted into high gear, more 48th Ward Democrats have piled into cars headed to Wisconsin and Iowa to walk precincts and canvass for Hillary. We were very proud we recruited more than 100 people to join our first trek to Wisconsin – all of them fired up about Hillary Clinton and Senator Russ Feingold.

With the finish line coming up, we’re looking forward to doing our part to make history and elect Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States!